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Exceptional work carried out by the highly professional garden care team at GardenersRuislip. Will recommend them to anyone in need.

  • D. Reading

My life would've been so much easier had I discovered Gardening Company Ruislip sooner. Their gardeners were a pleasure to welcome into my property. They worked tirelessly to finish everything off and did so to a high standard.

  • A. Brody

I had let my lawn go, and parts had become slightly overgrown. I went out and made a notation of what needed to be done: lawn mowing, hedge pruning, garden waste removal, and rang up Garden Care Service Ruislip for a quote. From what I heard, they offered the cheapest prices overall, so I had their team come out to my property. I am greatly satisfied with the high standard of work completed, and for such little cost. I have proceeded to schedule fortnightly gardening services visits.

  • Samuel

I would thoroughly recommend GardenersRuislip to anyone and everyone in need of garden maintenance services. The service I received was top notch and I look forward to hiring them again soon.

  • Jonathan B.

I've never been great at mowing my lawn, and somehow always leave it patchy and unimpressive. I heard about Landscape Services Ruislip through a friend and decided to give them a go. The lawn mowing specialist was much more friendly and experienced than I'd anticipated, and he got the job done quickly. My lawn has been transformed and my garden looks entirely new! This was great value for money and a very good time-saver!

  • Angela

Sometimes it feels like you have a never-ending list of jobs to do and it can be really frustrating when you feel as though you have little time to do them all. Thanks to a dear friend, I got to know about Ruislip Garden Designers, a professional local gardening company. So I called them up, explained that I was seeking garden maintenance and instantly hired them when I realized how professional they were. And things just got even better from there. Now, thanks to these guys, my list of chores has been shrunk right down and it's a relief!

  • Filliss Copper

My garden used to be a tip. It was nothing but rubbish, overgrown grass and weeds. I wanted it to be a pretty place I could enjoy spending time in and in order to do that, I would need some help. I needed a firm who could help clean up the garden, change things and add all the features I wanted. GardenersRuislip did this for me, tackling all design services to give me the garden I've always wanted.

  • Teresa C.

They say that in order to have a nice garden in the summer, you must start off by working hard on the garden in the winter months. This is why I hired Garden Care Service Ruislip - in order to help me with my lawn maintenance because having a nice, healthy-looking lawn in the summer is highly important to me. I like to entertain a lot during the summer months and thanks to this amazing company, I am able to have a stunning lawn and garden all summer long. It's all thanks to their help and high class services!

  • Casey Carpenter

The state of my garden had been giving me a headache as I went about contemplating what to do with the situation. I came across GardenersRuislip as I was doing my research and from that moment on everything was plain sailing. They acted like a painkiller and with them in charge of my job, the pain in my head subsided, and when they were finished, it went away completely. My garden is now in fantastic condition and it's all because of their team. I definitely recommend their company!

  • Christian R.

Our independent shop requires regular maintenance and so does the garden surrounding it. Regular maintenance gives us an edge over the others; however the real hero is GardenersRuislip for living up to the reputation and ensuring the aesthetics is well maintained. Their garden services are real value for money. The team works at a fast pace and do not cause any disturbance to the footfalls. Keep up the great work!

  • Daniel F.

I needed a company to help fix and re-lay bits of my patio. I came across Lawn Care Services Ruislip and decided to entrust them with the task. I'm very glad I did because from start to finish, every single aspect of the job was completed to an immaculate standard and in the end I was left with a patio that was brilliantly constructed with a fantastic finish. To top it off, everything was completed as and when expected, so there were no untimely delays.

  • Emma

I find taking care of my lawn such a chore but now I don't have to worry at all. Garden Care Service Ruislip has been doing my lawn mowing, back and front, every two weeks for the last year. Their prices haven't gone up in all that time either. They are the best company for reliable gardening in the area.

  • Jonathan Emerson

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